Our core principles are to design and develop solutions for laboratory workflows and methods, by carefully matching skillsets and knowledge to market sectors and problems.

We firmly believe success is achieved through innovation and decisive management, and our team is carefully tailored to achieve this.

Located within the heart of the Cambridge technology circle, Cambridge Scientific Innovations Limited is dedicated to establishing companies that provide intelligent laboratory solutions to market-driven problems, from analytical instrumentation to clinical diagnostics

News of our companies

CambTEK limited has developed a Rapid Extraction System (RES) for sample preparation of solid dose forms, such as pharmaceuticals and nutrition. This delivers a step-change in performance compared to existing highly manual, inefficient methods.

This streamlined process will help the industry as a whole by significantly reducing cost per test, and time to market of new therapeutics.

The RES benefits include:

  • Reduced analysis time
  • Improved quality control
  • Increased analyst productivity
  • Increased laboratory throughput
  • High reproducibility
  • In-Process data
  • Reduction in solvent consumption, with improved methods
  • Reduced cost per test* and rapid ROI